Salon of Shame


Click to listen to the whole show (77:08) Salon of Shame (Jennys Trip)

Jenny's diary, 1988-1993

What could be better than adults unearthing their teenage diaries, finding the most embarrassing passages, and reading them aloud, on stage, to a bunch of drunk people?

Today on Jenny’s Trip: Salon of Shame. It’s a regular event in Seattle at Theater off Jackson. I recorded it on February 16, 2010.

I also read a bit from my diary and ramble on about Anais Nin.

PODCAST BONUS: I do a half-assed singalong to “Secret” by Madonna!

A page from Jenny's diary June 1, 1991

Thanks to all the readers, Jeannie, Ariel, Phyllis, Frank and everyone at Salon of Shame and Theater off Jackson for making it happen.

Here’s the original show’s playlist:

Jenny's Trip playlist for 3-26-10: 'Salon of Shame'

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