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Ugly Americans


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I didn’t want to watch it alone:

This video, from WikiLeaks is ‘a classified US military video depicting the indiscriminate slaying of over a dozen people in the Iraqi suburb of New Baghdad – including two Reuters news staff.’

The video has been all over the news for a few days now but I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch it until now.

Later in the show, I stand on a balcony in Labe, Guinea, West Africa in 2006. Close by, but out of sight, student protesters are shot by police. I’m with several Americans in the Peace Corps. We listen, talk about food and TV. Pop-pop-pop. “What’s your favorite animal?”

The balcony in Labe

Here’s the playlist from the original broadcast:

Jenny's Trip for 4-9-10

And now, you:

Salon of Shame


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Jenny's diary, 1988-1993

What could be better than adults unearthing their teenage diaries, finding the most embarrassing passages, and reading them aloud, on stage, to a bunch of drunk people?

Today on Jenny’s Trip: Salon of Shame. It’s a regular event in Seattle at Theater off Jackson. I recorded it on February 16, 2010.

I also read a bit from my diary and ramble on about Anais Nin.

PODCAST BONUS: I do a half-assed singalong to “Secret” by Madonna!

A page from Jenny's diary June 1, 1991

Thanks to all the readers, Jeannie, Ariel, Phyllis, Frank and everyone at Salon of Shame and Theater off Jackson for making it happen.

Here’s the original show’s playlist:

Jenny's Trip playlist for 3-26-10: 'Salon of Shame'

Click to listen: Charles Mudede: Twilight of the Goodtimes (Jennys Trip)

Charles Mudede in Profile by robwest

It’s my first podcast! Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be adding new material here – including some of my favorite archives.

Charles Mudede is associate editor for The Stranger where he writes about hip hop, philosophy and other stuff. He writes the ‘Police Beat’ column and made a lovely, eerie movie of the same name. He also made a movie about horse-fuckers called ‘Zoo’.

Charles Mudede talks about discovering hip hop while growing up in Zimbabwe, before the internet made it easy to find out what was going on halfway across the world. He spoke at Western Bridge gallery on December 9, 2009 and called the talk “Twilight of the Goodtimes.”

Thanks to Forrest Baum, aka DJ Prizmatic for recording it. Perhaps it’s not the best quality sound  … but my imagination picked up well enough and I hope yours does too.

Here are the songs I played on the show (links to videos!) They’re not in the podcast so pause and watch as needed. Keepin’ it legal.

Rapper’s Delight‘ Sugar Hill Gang
Sucker MCs‘ Run-DMC
Buffalo Gals” Malcolm McLaren
Jam on It‘ Newcleus
‘Cosmic Blast‘ Captain Rock
‘Boogie Down Bronx‘ Man Parrish ft. Freeze Force
Doin’ Damage‘ Zimbabwe Legit
Shadow’s Legitimate Mix‘ DJ Shadow